AIG Success Story


Lack of alignment across AIG L&R teams

Responsible for strategic planning and development for Marketing and Brand Management, Kim Adams, Vice President at AIG, leads an international award-winning team of account executives, creative, and production professionals focused on serving several business lines, including Life Insurance, Annuities, and Group Retirement. The teams used different productivity management systems to track, organize, and audit their marketing projects, which negatively impacted process efficiency, collaboration, brand compliance, and time to market. In support of AIG’s mission to “enable company growth via breakthrough, engaging and customer-centric creative,” Adams sought to move away from complex, monolithic systems and instead standardize on a single, modern platform that could deliver the agility her teams needed to efficiently manage the entire content lifecycle while rapidly delivering personalized, on-brand experiences to market.

‘To improve efficiencies and align the way we manage work as an organization, a single Project Management & Workflow solution is a “necessity.”’ – Kim Adams, Vice President, AIG


Aprimo Productivity Management

Under Adam’s leadership, the L&R teams have been successfully using the Aprimo Productivity Management Platform since 2017 to streamline the content production process. Adams chose to standardize on the modern, cloud-based Aprimo solution across all the teams. With automated workflows, task routing, reviews, and approvals, Aprimo helps the teams eliminate the work about work, so creative and production professionals can spend more time developing great content that moves the brand forward.

Increased efficiency and speed-to-market with automation

Using customized automation, AIG has significantly increased efficiency, reducing cycle time and accelerating the time from campaign inception to launch in the market. The teams can now launch more campaigns and reach more channels and customer touchpoints.

Strategic visibility through expanded data model

Teams can understand the full value of their content by combining traditional KPIs and performance metrics with Aprimo’s ability to measure the real-time performance of in-market assets. Teams have the agility to change creative direction with instant insights, refine creative and content strategies quickly, and prioritize work that moves the needle.

Better markup process with optimized collaboration

Using automation and collaboration tools, the review and approval process is now faster and smoother. AIG teams now have fewer iterations to manage, and projects are more efficient, which helps improve communication, strengthen partnerships, and increase adoption among business partners.

About AIG

The American International Group (AIG) is a leading global insurance organization with operations in approximately 80 countries and jurisdictions. The company provides a wide range of property casualty insurance, life insurance, retirement solutions, and other financial services. AIG uses Aprimo to manage the entire content production lifecycle, from ideation to distribution, to deliver personalized customer experiences to market faster.

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