Yorkshire Success Story

YBS Group sought a system that could help enhance its overall quality of marketing as well as improve audit results and decrease risk. Challenge The Yorkshire Building Society relied on disjointed, manual processes to manage financial promotions campaigns across its various entities. The organization required its marketing staff to use “job bags,” which included handwritten… Continue reading Yorkshire Success Story

Union Bank Success Story

On the heels of two unsuccessful Workflow and DAM implementations, Union Bank needed a modern solution that its marketers, business, compliance partners, and agencies could use to manage all aspects of the content lifecycle. Marketing and other departments were mired in manual processes, unable to scale content management operations to meet demand. Using Aprimo Digital… Continue reading Union Bank Success Story

Standard Life Success Story

Challenge Like every brand in highly regulated industries, Standard Life had plenty of challenges they needed to tackle, from carrying content through restructures and mergers to bridging gaps in compliance. Standard Life needed to ensure that all of the marketing content they produced, stored, and distributed met the exacting demands of regulatory bodies in the… Continue reading Standard Life Success Story

Splunk Success Story

Challenge Fragmented Workflow Saps Productivity Splunk helps its clients bring data to every question, decision, and action seamlessly. To achieve the same kind of seamlessness in their own marketing workflow, the company needed to veer away from a fragmented approach that didn’t offer the cross-functional and concurrent collaboration needed to get things done efficiently. For… Continue reading Splunk Success Story

SOS Children’s Village Success Story

Challenge SOS Children’s Villages lacked a way to centrally store and manage the marketing assets it’s various member associations use for fundraising and donor impact campaigns. These activities include stories, images, open design files, and videos pertaining to the children it serves. The organization stored an immense volume of content on various databases that had… Continue reading SOS Children’s Village Success Story

Pacific Life Success Story

Organizations need to be, well, organized. But as a company adapts to new circumstances over time, teams can grow apart from each other and start doing things their own way. Once a team gets used to a process—no matter how inefficient—they might resist changing that process, even if a change could mean higher productivity and… Continue reading Pacific Life Success Story

National Park Foundation Success Story

Challenge Securing charitable contributions relies on NPF’s ability to create and deliver compelling digital experiences through storytelling, pictures, and videos. In order to support more than 400 national park sites across the country, NPF needs to manage the exciting and powerful content that constantly flows into the organization, whether it’s through employees collecting the information… Continue reading National Park Foundation Success Story

KPMG Success Story

Challenge A Shift to Salesforce Means Big Changes. Deploying Salesforce—Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud—the shared services marketing group at KPMG needed to move many more pieces into position to start transitioning their sales team to get the most out of the platform. The group put out an RFP in search of a vendor that… Continue reading KPMG Success Story

Grainger Success Story

Challenge Pressure to ProgressAmid a global pandemic, keeping success going is incredibly difficult for businesses of any size. Despite robust market share and a long history of effectiveness and reliability with customers, Grainger started feeling the pressure from both competitors and the challenges of the pandemic to shift toward digital tools. Their speed to market… Continue reading Grainger Success Story

Citizens Bank Success Story

Challenge Citizens Bank, like most financial services companies, creates advertising materials promoting their offerings and a huge amount of non-advertising documents like service messages, alerts, and disclosures. The trick is that most of those pieces of content need to be reviewed by members of marketing, legal, and risk. One of the biggest challenges Citizens Bank… Continue reading Citizens Bank Success Story