PIM/DAM Automation

This workshop will empower your team to leverage critical product data & media through automation capabilities. Provide guidance, approach, and activities needed to properly establish an integration between Aprimo and a your PIM.


Want to enrich Aprimo with product data to optimize a user’s experience? Schedule a 3-week workshop with our PIM Experts on how to improve data interoperability, business continuity, and accelerate your go-to-market.


Incorporating product data in your Aprimo solution can enrich search, discoverability, and collaboration amongst your team while automating the publishing of digital assets to your PIM.


How you’ll benefit:

  • Eliminate the manual data entry allowing users more time and reduce errors
  • Data model best practices to sustain a healthy Program



  • PIM Quick Action Plan – A summary solution to properly effect the necessary changes to leverage product data in Aprimo
  • Learn about PIM connectors best fit for your business and next course of action recommended