DLUX is a specialist Australian Martech and AI Consulting firm, with proven expertise in MRM and AI Consulting, System Implementation, and Value Addition. We work with some of the largest businesses in Australia and we are committed to enabling all our clients to envision and win in the digital economy.

Valocity Digital

Valocity is a client-focused agency that promises to deliver value quickly through small teams of experienced people who get things done. They aim to achieve 100% client satisfaction and retention, as well as promoting diversity and community engagement. Valocity strives to be a reliable partner to their clients in driving successful outcomes.


PerformLine offers a platform for regulatory compliance and protection across all channels where consumers engage with your brand. Ensure that your company’s marketing, advertising, and sales content follows the rules and regulations set by government agencies and your own company’s brand guidelines.


Sprinklr is a customer experience management (CXM) platform that utilizes AI to deliver better customer experiences across various digital channels. Its Unified-CXM system connects data across channels and organizational silos to help brands understand customer signals and create insight-driven strategies.

WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP was purpose-built for the highest volume, most security conscious, and most demanding digital properties. If you check the web to learn about a major world news event, visit the website of one of the largest companies in the world, or access information from a government site, there’s a reasonable chance that WordPress VIP delivers… Continue reading WordPress VIP


RWS is a global language and content management solutions provider that enables clients to communicate their content across the world. They offer a range of language services, including translation, interpreting, and localization. RWS’s Tridion Sites CMS is integrated with Aprimo DAM, allowing users to easily access and update their Aprimo assets seamlessly within Tridion Sites.

Red Marker

AI Powered Advertising Compliance – Reduce the time, effort and cost of your advertising legal process. Focusing on compliance outcomes and cost optimization, our Software as a Service platform enables real-time probabilistic risk identification in advertising content and web content using machine learning rules and natural language processing.


The Naehas Marketing Compliance solution is a quality control automation system that ensures customer communications are accurate and compliant at scale. Marketing Compliance gives users the ability to intelligently review content at its source by combining the power of AI and a centralized Compliance Repository, reducing risk and increasing productivity.


Gelato is the world’s fastest, smartest and greenest one-stop-shop for customized print products on demand. Gelato’s solution enables global organizations to better manage their brand and produce printed materials locally in 30 countries and deliver in 2 to 3 days to over 200 countries.


Indegene is a healthcare solutions provider that combines deep industry expertise with fit-for-purpose technology to deliver effective and efficient clinical, medical and commercial outcomes. Indegene works with top pharmaceutical companies and employs 5000+ people across their offices in North America, Europe, India, China, Singapore & Japan.