gateB Custom Report Setup Package

Are you using Aprimo as your strategic solution in marketing? But do you also get the right reports and dashboards to track your key KPIs and to see everything that is happening within Aprimo in simple dashboards? We provide you with services from our experienced data scientist team to set up custom reports and data visualizations specifically for you.

  • We help you define the key strategical and operational metrics as well as other indicators you need to track your marketing performance.
  • Leverage the data you have in Aprimo and potentially combine it with other data to get a full picture across your campaign and content performance.
  • User modern reporting tools directly in Aprimo to display data in simple ways that are easy to interpret for any user type, from daily users to team leads and management members.


Here is what you’ll get:

  • Track your strategic and tactical success metrics and KPIs
  • Provide your users and managers with comprehensive reports
  • Display data beautifully directly in Power BI or other data visualization tools


Custom Report Type and Description:

Simple Custom Report  – Custom report pulling together up to 3 data sources within Aprimo and elements to display data in visually appealing graphics


Complex Custom Report – Custom report pulling together up to 6 data sources within Aprimo and elements to display data in visually appealing graphics, incl. drill-down options


Reporting Dashboard – Reporting dashboard which consists of up to 4 custom reports and up to 12 data sources within Aprimo


Data Consulting – Consulting on data source integration, definition of strategical and operation metrics, key KPIs, data visualization, etc.